TD Centre

Toronto Dominion Center in the heart of Toronto’s Bank district has an attraction for the photographic eye that is easy to understand. There are of course great geometric forms; light and dark aplenty, and on a weekday often human humor and forms. So when I went to test the new Casio EX-F1, one of the place I thought to to do some still work with the camera was TD Centre.

Here is some geometry play into the sky right in the middle of the square. I am testing how well the Casio picks up a wide range of hues and I am modestly pleased. Scotiabank is a bit underexosed but otherwise the picture is fairly true to the view.

The Play of the Candian flag against the dark steel or glass textures of the surrounding bank buildings is an abiding fascination. Its also a substitute for the shot of the gal who lost her bonnet in the windy square – I just was not positioned either to take a good shot or help in the retrieval of her hat in a windy hurry.

So I decided to try further south towards Union Station. And all the gold in the RBC tower still shines with fascination.

The hues are their just subtle – sort of like non-ostentatious wealth … not much of that any more. The golden mirrors caught the attention of a group of Dutch tourists who posed in their golden mirror having great fun in the process.

And of course right across the street from the RBC Tower is Union Station which is showing its age but soon

And here is a departing shot as I descend, but look back in Sodom and Gommarh fashion, at what isĀ  happening in the city:

everybody is hurrying scurrying to get where ??

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