Mike and Paula’s Pumpkin Carving Fest

Megan or Tammy’s Pumpkin

Well its that time of the year again when Paula and Mike Sprung invite a few friends over to plunge knifes and worded barbs into a few political turkeys (Bushedwhacked-Again being my favorite although some parties were pulling for B. Bullroney) … ohhh , and Halloween Pumpkins as well. The idea is to create some levity , indulge in grossip, gnash chili and have lit-pumpkinds for dessert.
I think this is Matte’s GhoulHead
Let me assure all readers that the pumpkins are big and just bought from the mart, all parties get to do the full job – cut out a top handle, clean the seeds and slop from the pumpkin interior, draw their design on the pumpkin face and then cut, stab, plunge and otherwise plunder like amateur Nip/Tuck artistes to be. I never cease to amaze myself with my ability to turn clear design into drudgy dross year after year. Fortunately, Mike has a solution to my Its-normally-a -lawsuit-Nip/Tuck operations – just put a candle inside the pummeled pumpkin and the Light of a Jack-o-Lantern heals all grievous wounds.
Two Jackos Converted to Eyes
Now we had plenty of inspiration for our carve-em up mayhem. Why just the TV trailers for Saw IV and 30 Nights of this Schlock Movie is Way Too Much obviously showed us how to be creepy and slothfully sloppy – I think its called solopistic solopism. In any case this is the Movie Crazy time of the year …. and it showed in my dagger thrusts.
The Finished Jackos
Fortunately my colleagues in crime did not choose to mime my mayhem – and so this year the results were some of the finest Jackos I have seen in a long time. The screen shot above shows the Pumpkind Bounty of fully lit Jackos. A fine suite to behold and wink a camera at.
Photoschlopistic Jacko Enhancemend ?
And if worse comes to worser – I can and did resort to some Photoshop Grooming of the Jacko Photographs. But as noted above, such indignities were at a minimum because the carvings, like the evening, were so fine this year.

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