Fall Snow Graces UofT

The Snow Graces Arrived

In the tatter and helter skelter of exams
Fall arrived on campus in the grace of snow
Adding pastels to golden and crimson moods
A respite for those indigo hued.

Like shooting starts of tempting ambition
Heard in greetings warm, darting, nuanced
Hardly a question more a moment underestimated
But for the glimpse of colors turning as if by blush.

Where do thee go my loves ?
Following the bronze to ochre vein enflamed
Or seek razor risks lined, gilded and rewarded
Or flap with the winds of tints caressing
So sweet suffuse for gathering days.

Into the pool, the pool of changing times
where I , you, we and me
collect in causemic collaboration
sheer surely for the fun of being with thee.

Into the pool, the pool of many ripples
where no one stops without a whim
or glances to find more than a reverie,
A pad, a stalk, or a fount of whats to be.

Into the pool, the pool of redbrick reason
where cultured lines converge indisputably
such that all conclude irrefutably
there can be no utter wave.



And here is that line of thought
without the need of new complexion
as obvious as our leaves and blades of grass.

For we to see beyond the radius of
these small powderings will require
a new aim, a new priority, a new bore.

It is somewhere here …. in the color wilds

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  1. This blog is full of interesting photography.
    Is it a shame that this site isn’t being updated?



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