Sumac Signs of Summers End

There are are at least three or four signs of the End of Summer in Cramahe Township, Northumberland County.

Number 1 is the Warkworth Long Lunch taking place at the end of August along the Main Street of the City. For $15 you get a truly down home feast of country cooking including some of those justly renowned Warkworth pies – or slices there of. But the real bon appetit, the absolute appetizer is the Long Lunch Parade which can only help to cap a moving feast.
Go here for the full gallery of Warkworth parade pictures.

The second sign of summers end is the harvest in the rolling fields surrounding the city. Not only is there a golden glow everywhere but also great balls of Winter feed dotting the countryside.
More of the Harvest scenes can be found here.

The third sign of Summers end is the first turnings of the Sumac. Now many people regard the Sumac as a nuisance – an oversized grown up weed like a gangling teenager not yet used to the final, spindly spurt of growth. However, at the end of Summer, the Sumac takes on royal airs. The stems turn crimson and scarlet, then the leaves flash the same hues with a touch of gold and amber. By mid fall, they are fully royal rouge from stem to stern – adding sure colour to the countryside no matter what fickle Oak and reluctant Maples decide to do.
Images of Sumac’s Summer Intimations are here.

For signs that Summers up I don’t wait for cooler nights nor for migrating birds – they are too fickle on their timing. It is the Sumac that is my guide to a Summers season, and a colorful one at that.

(c)JBSurveyer 2006

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