Ganny Fanny Float 2010

Its Spring and not only bird song will greet you in the morning but also the lusty calls of true venturing women and men floating their various watercraft down the Ganaraska river to Port Hope in the 2010 Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny Rites of Spring event. Fanny Floating goes Saturday April 3, 2010 9:00AM

Getting your Fanny Legally on the Ganny of course requires a signup – but its a fairly modest entry fee of $25/craft plus $5/fanny – all the particulars can be found here. You can see pictures of past Fanny Ganny Floats here and here. Given Global Warming trends the Fanny Float should be a sauna bath this year; however, be forewarned – a)it might be cold and b) during warm floats water balloons and  pistols tend to flourish on board and from the spectators directed only at the Irregular Fannycraft [i.e. only  fannycraft  armed with balloons and water pistols are fair game]. Join the fun and  quaff  a brew after at the many Port Hope Pubs and Eateries.

3 thoughts on “Ganny Fanny Float 2010”

  1. Jacques,
    Great job on the photography. Ever considered entering the race? With your 6′5″ frame you could bail out anywhere and just step over the waterfalls (les chutes. The pictures always take better from inside the boats too.
    See you ‘in’ the water on your fanny

  2. Our UK visitors were somewhat taken aback when my wife suggested attending this event! “Fanny” has a different meaning over there!

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