New Duds, Ehhh

I can’t decide which┬áis worse, the referee at the World Under 20 FIFA World Championship Game in Toronto between Chile and Argentina or all the different Dud themes I have been trying on this website. …. It was the referee – so many poor calls, so much dive dive diving by the Argentinian players (ironic because Chile was doing the same in its previous game, but seemed to lay off in this contest).

However, I can sympathize with viewers who have found the blizzard of looks and stylings just a little bit disconcerting. My only excuse – I have not been able to master the CSS across browsers. WordPress themes tend to be state of the art users of CSS, and as I have covered here, CSS is the victim of browser vendors slack implementations – most notably from the good folks at Microsoft.

So I have been spending an inordiate amount of time trying to get a well behaved set of CSS across browsers. I am pretty close with Classy 1.0 by Benedikt Rieke-Benninghaus; but I will be honest I have my fingers crossed.

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