Country Service: Castleton Auto Repair

On my trips to Cobourg and Port Hope of late, I have noticed a small service station in Castleton always packed with cars. There always appears to be no room on the lot – as the ever changing line up seems to be cubically close packed in novel ways each time I drive by.

Well on Friday I got to find out why. On my dog’s age-d Sentra, the next part to give way to time and rust was the muffler pipe. To my chagrin, I found my self first serenading the countryside to a deep-throated, no-muffler roar which as I searched for a repair shop added a high pitched pipe-on-pavement rattle. In full throated rumble and rattle I pulled into Castleton Auto Repair and went to the office to check when I could get the muffler repaired.

“Nearest date is next Tuesday”
“Ohh, not so good. I’ll need it for tomorrow – well is there anybody else around ?”
“Yeah, your best bet is Canadian Tire in Campbellford or Cobourg. They have several bays.”
“Okay – thanks. In the meantime is there anything we can do about the rattle – I think my pipe is dragging”
“Well something is playing a mean tune – lets take a look…yep you will need a bit of wire.”
“If you have some I will strap it up…”
“I am already on it”

And in less than a minute I had a car no longer playing the Draggin Pipe Rag and at Insisted No Cost. Now that is what I call Service.

Others call it Country Service. The idea is that in the Country side, this is the last refuge where you can find service not like say the Banks or Lawyers who are trying bill for every human gesture of goodwill. Suddenly I knew why the parking lot around Castleton Auto Repair was, like on Friday, cubically close packed with cars for repair. Geez, I wish the folks at Allen Insurance in Warkworth could catch a whiff of that same service air.

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