50th Cobourg Highland Games – the Heavyweights

As we have seen, the  50th Highland Games  really profited from being  in Victoria Park. And the Heavy Weight events on a section of Cobourg Beach was the best venue from a photography point of view. Not one bad angle for shooting the events as seen here:
[iframe src=’http://pixofcanada.com/splash/heavyhi3d.html’ width=’780′ height=’530′]

There are two groups of Heavy Weight competitors. The amateurs who compete in the morning and can set the standard for performance which the Pro in the afternoon are hard pressed to match. There are four main events – the Stone Toss [similar to the Shotput event in the Olympic games], the Heavy Hammer Toss [similar to the Hammer Throw in the Olympics]. Then the last two events, the Caber Toss and the Sheaf Toss are uniquely Scottish Highland events.

The Caber toss is justifiably popular. Just picking up the 100 lb tree mast and balancing it in the wind is no small deed. The gusts of wind on the Cobourg beach made the task even more precarious. Then to thrust up and get the caber to spin the air is well down right fascinating to watch:
[iframe src=’http://pixofcanada.com/CobourgHighlandGames/cobheavy2.html’ width=’780′ height=’530′] It has been said before but bears repeating – one of the special moments during the Pro Heavy Weight events occurred when kids on the beach were invited to come and try out lifting the various stones and weights. As can be seen is the top slideshow there were a lot of takers including this reviewer, a former shotput competitor. I can remember many moons ago  at the district track and field stadium being invited to try out the broad jump pit and shotput throw. That one day instilled a love of athletics that endures to the day. Kudos to the Pro Heavy Weights at the Cobourg Highland Games.

Heavy Weight competitors in the Future?