3 Canada Days : Hastings Ontario

Hastings is just 10 clicks up the road from Warkworth, Ontario our first Canada Day town. Its at the eastern end of Rice Lake and  on the Trent river; thus Hastings is fishing country. It is also camping and vacation country with its fill of  cottages dotting all around the lake and river. But there is no doubt about it, boating abounds as Hastings is the spot to go for exploring Rice Lake and the various twists and turns of the Trent River wriggling its way to Lake Ontario at Belleville.

Boats docked about the dam and locks
There seemed to be a an abundance of boats docked around the the locks until I remembered that Canada Day meant the giant fireworks display at Hastings. These boats were reserving front row seats for the dusk time performance.

A lot of vacationers and retirees move about town on some pretty fancy wheels. Many turn up at the Apple Blossom Festival  at Colborne Ontario for its vintage car show. Its always a pleasure to see a classy car – and its a likely sight in Hastings:

You see a lot of oldies but goodies going about town in some very fine automotive finishings. Hastings knows about comfort after a good fishing outing or  boating along the river. A  stop  at Captain’s Table provides a diverse set of fish munchies. Or relax at LaGondola on the patio with a beer and a spicy Sicilian sausage sandwich and the music coming from the gazebo bandshell.

For Canada Day Hastings puts on a folk, country and western concert at the riverside bandshell:

The gazebo was decked with flowers as well as good music.
In fact, Hastings had put the bloom on all around town:

There were some blossoms and flower gardens to die for up Bridge along Front and on Albert streets.

And the town had dandied up for Canada Day as well

Even the cars were bedecked with flags and the national colors.

But when I got to Hastings in mid-afternoon, many of the celebrations were over. There was still some action in the kids Air castle.

But I had missed out on the  sack races, wall climbing, the Canada Day cake cutting, kids face make up and a host of other City Centre and  baseball diamond activities.

But I did not miss out on the  Canada Day Evening Special – the award winning fireworks show:

The evening had the Moon as a spectator coming in and out of the clouds. So the fireworks were playing to a fine night show of clouds and near full moon.

Those who came early and procured for  themselves a seat along the  river side were well rewarded:

The reflections of light and color in the waters was a second light and color show of  wonder.

But the skyward fireworks display was hard to top:

The crowd was ooohing and ahhhing a spectacularly colorful and entertaining  show. There were several clever burst within bursts, fountains of light at the waters edge and spectacular shaped fireworks. Several times the audience cheered lustily – and why not? They were treated to a Canada Day fireworks display to remember.

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