Fanny on the Ganny: First Pix

Here are the first pix from this Spring’s Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny in Port Hope Ontario. It was a bit chilly so there were a lot less squirt guns and water ballons on both side – spectators and floaters both. But as you can see from the pictures below that dis not prevent fun on the Ganaraska as its spills through port Hope.
The Riversplits and recombines here

This is the rafters coming into the final stretch.

The Racing Rafts

The fast canoes and kayaks are already through, so now you have the rafting racers – trick: light and fast versus lots of paddling arms. Who wins? Come on out and find out.

Rubber Ducky Fun

Along with vendetta races between rival teams – a lot of the fun is constructing river worthy conveyances and taking them and your fannies down the river.

Sailboating down the Ganny

Here is another example of crafting your way down the river. This sailboat actually travelled well – keeping the draught up above the rivers many snags. Also the pointed bow would deflect off scrunching rocks.

Seat of the Captain

Manny of the vessels have a “Captains seat”; but that gets abandoned pretty quickly in the fast rapids on various stretches of the Ganny.

Rafting’s End

Just before the Ganny hits downtown Port Hope there are a number of nifty little falls – lets say it is a Dunking Reception!

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  1. I had heard about this event from several people, but this was the first year I was able to go, and I was definitely NOT disappointed. The kids and I thought it was fantasitc to see all of the imaginative craft coming down the river. And were very surprised to see that some of the craft were armed with water balloons and squirt guns. But that’s okay, the spectators on the shore and bridge were more than happy to fire back with their own balloons and big bags of water to drench the flotilla! We’ll definitely be back next year with some extra friends. Cheers!

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