Classic Cars at Northumberland Mall

During the Summer months, Northumberland Mall in Cobourg has a series of weekend car shows  right next to the A&W parking lot – and here is what you will see:

Now these car and  motorcycle shows can be seen all across Canada. It is not new. I remember when I was knee high to a grasshopper [10 or under] when father would take us to The Classic Car Show … uhh The Classic Car and Motorcycle Exhibition just outside the Big City. There were all sorts of old WhidleyFlaillins and deepthroat motorbikes [even with outriders] to be seen. But all of the cars and bikes were in any color you liked just so long as it was black.

So one has had to apply imaginary colours. But interior appointments were already patent leather fine and pretty aucous in colors. Well wait just a few years and hotrods, muscle cars, and colour finishings   which were already starting to proliferate. So already pretty radical colors and finishers were appearing – the early innovators:

But lets face facts, the Great Whale Fins of the 50’s and 60’s were metamorphizing into the drag-racing heft muscle cars … and those beauties are the staple of car shows today. Whats under the hood is definitely a good pickup line at todays car expos – and many of the Northumberland beauties certainly have that and dramatic hues on show:

But horsepower is still the name of the game. And so a whole subcult has grown up around apply power – really hundreds of horse power to old jalopies and Whidleyflaillins. So Fords of yore find themselves outfitted with big V8s with huge torque to go:

One can all but hear the deep Vroom Vroom. And so you can find this Muscle-car Manque wandering the malls on many a Summer weekend.

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