1st Review: Harry Potter

Potter, Harry Potter ? You would have to be a Muggle not to know of Harry Potter’s Magic World in England. I love to read about the adventures of Harry, Ron, Hermione and friends in magic places like Hogwarts School or the Quidditch Pitch or even the Ministry of Magics. Harry has two problems. He is an orphan staying during the summer with his Aunts family, the Dursleys, who are not too kind to him. Also he has an enemy. An evil enemy in Lord Voldemorte who is increasing in powers and threatening not just Harry but the whole Magic World. So as Harry goes to school he not only has to learn such magic lessons as Herbology, the care of Strange Beasts, and Magic Potions but also Defense Against the Dark Arts. This is where Harry and Ron and Hermione run into their biggest problems. Because the the Dark Lord is constantly sending his allies to probe and attack them. These attacks occur most often when the gang leave Hogwarts but in the more recent books -there are six books so far and just one more to come – the Dark Lord has been attacking Harry and friends right at Hogwarts school grounds where Harry should be the safest. In the most recent book, Dean Dummbledore, Harry’s advisor and best adult friend, has been slain by the Dark Lords allies. Things do not look good for Harry or the Magic World. Harry is going to need help. He and Hermione and Ron and the Weasleys cannot take on the Dark Lord, the Malfoys, the DeathEaters and other evil spirits that have been released by the Dark Lord Voldemorte.

Everybody is afraid of Lord Voldemorte – so much so that Magicians, good or bad, do not dare speak his name out loud. Harry has a small lightning scar on his head that was left there when Lord Voldemorte tried to kill Harry when he was a baby. But Harry’s Mom, in a dying effort, deflected the Dark Lord’s killing AbraKadabra curse resulting in the lightning scar etched on Harry’s forehead. But the scar acts like a kind of radar – it heats up and even glows with hurt and pain the closer that Harry comes to the Dark Lord. I don’t know if the Dark Lord gets the same warnings of Harry’s nearness. But the battles they have are big and magic. Wands are used to cast curses and commands that are to restrict the enemy – or attack one of Harry’s friends so that then the Dark Lord or one of his henchmen can cast a spell on Harry when he is unaware of his danger.

These stories are full of adventures – the simple ones of learning new and strange things at school and the more challenging ones of making friends and not increasing enemies. The Weasley family, Dr Dummeldore, Professor Snape, the Slytherins, and a host of others make this a fabulous place to read and about and visit. Not all the action is knock and sock magic curses and potions – there are the broom flying Quidditch matches, some budding romances, and lots of practical jokes especially from the Weasleys. So this magic world is a fun place to visit – like my Mom’s Nancy Drew Mysteries but I think a little more fun.

Chris Watch , August 1, 2006

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