Spring Wildflowers

Spring has take so long to unfold the Wild Flowers may be excused for their  timorous blooming. Even the ferns barely opened with the inundation of rain and cool weather. there were also a few smaller blue and white blooms in the woods but the first set of Spring wild flowers were spare.


But as the weather warmed up, the woods and country-side lit up with blooms from Ontario’s native flower, the Trillium, to exotic poppies. Literally the forest and trails came alive with booming blooms:

And now, except for the June company of Black Flies and Mosquitoes, the woods are indeed alive with great Wild flower viewing:
[wowslider id=”28″] Reference: Ontario Wildflowers has one of the best collection of both pictures and botanical data on the wild flowers of Ontario … and I am not talking about Premier Kathleen Wynne.

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