Quinte West Library: Free Website Creation

Do you have a website you would like to get spruced up? Or would you like to create a new one for no cost except your time and design ideas. Here is a hands on session that will allow you to create a brand new website with up to 5 new pages – say  Home, About, Contact Us, Our Services, Our Location . This website will look just as good on a smartphone as on a desktop computer. Here is where the free presentation is:
The emphasis in this presentation is to use popular free tools like Blogger, WordPress, Web, or Weebly to create a new website for attendees. Or we will take an existing website and move it into new, free and more user friendly quarters. Think of it as renovations on your website.

What Are More User-Friendly Websites Like?

All of the mentioned tools have 4 winning characteristics:
1)they can be run with few or no out-of-pocket costs, particularly Blogger and WordPress;
2)they incorporate latest widgets and Web technology including responsive themes which look good on mobile devices as well as desk tops;
3)they are simple to setup, add new to features, and operate on a daily basis;
4)they are popular so there are great support communities both online and in your neighborhood.
So expect to be surprised at how much you can accomplish with so little cost and well placed effort.

People who have taken one of  our free Photo Editing presentations will be able to bring important photos and design lessons if they want to develop their own websites.  Finally, it is so easy to create a trial website, it pays to try out a new design or revision for an existing website. So come to Quinte West Library on November 23rd for a free lesson in Website development.

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