The WonderFall of 2012

Northumberland Hills had a WonderFall in 2012. There were several reasons – no killer frosts until later October. Ditto for heavy winds. And the rains were light drizzles which coated the countryside with a light luster and sheen that brought sparkle to all the countryside. But really, this Fall observer is hard pressed to fathom why the colors lasted so long. Or why the 2012 Oak trees put on such a color show. Click on any photo below to see a complete slideshow with music [ the music can be turned off].

Here are some artistic impressions of the Wonder Fall we had for 2012 all around the Northumberland Hills. Click on an image to go to the associated slideshow:

10art380 6art2380
 Views from Eastern Northumberland Hills  West-side of Northumberland Hills


5380 5ww380
The Start of the Fall Season   Even the grapes and sumac became flamboyant

At first it seemed that spectacular colors were a local phenomenon. But a trip around Northumberland Hills proved otherwise.

4cas380 4cent380
 Castleton had a pine glade afire with Fall Hues  Down the road Centerton had kept the Sumac Fires alight
 1rose380  7porth380
 On the road between Hastings and Roseneath …   Westward to PortHope found color enchantments too

Then Fall’s wet weather set in with warm drizzles for nearly a week. This added luster  and vibrancy to the countryside.

3wet380  5wet2380
 A sheen of vivid colors   Sudden downpour in Campbellford

The second reason for such a fine Fall was the persistence of the colors – maybe a 5-7 days longer – definitely for the poplars, birch and maples. Now as to why… sorry no insights here other than the fact that the frosts were late and the winds moderate.

11rose380 3tsev380
 Even the forest glades sported delicate hues  The Brawn of the Trent Sevryn Locks

But the making of the Fall for 2012 was the fact that the normally dull Oaks put a a distinctly glorious show – just see below.

6oak380 8feld380
 Scarlet Oaks against green pine    Oaks showed a spectrum of colors peeking everywhere

The weather alternated between Indian Summer and storm cloud days. But though the weather flaunted massive storms; however only the rains came – fortunately there were few leaf-stripping winds.

3lane380 5fel2380
 Lanes covered in gold  Storm clouds in late Fall

Click on any image to go to the associated slideshow.

It was truly a wonderful Fall  in 2012 as can be seen in these slideshows. And the projections for 2013 from the almanac and local experts is this year will be just as spectacular with all the rain and a warm spell to come. But I ask – why are the Birch and Poplars turning a chicken scratching muddy yellow??


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