Spring Hues

Spring has finally arrived in Eastern Ontario. Although this was the view at the end of April:
Ice lilacs
Despite a quarter inch of ice glazing the lilacs and crabapples are doing well.

Spring offers colors and hues not to be seen any other time of the year – pastel yellows, light greens and gaudy red oranges. And that is just the leaves on the trees and bushes that re-emerge  every Spring. Here is a color sample –

Ice lilacs
In Northumberland County the sequence is maples, birch and poplars bud and sprout leaves and seedlings first. Lots of tans and pastel greens. Then ash, hickory, elms, honey locust and sweet gum – these trees have some exotic colors deep oranges and ochres along with hunter greens. Finally, the oaks drop their leaves  clung onto to from last fall while new tassels and leaflets emerge in shades of tan and yellow green. Watch the show below:

The return of Spring’s colors is a time-limited joy – something to be savored in all their welcome emotions and  hues.



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