Spring Photo Contests

Spring is my favorite time of year because Nature’s colors are a rare delicate and pastel hue. In short it is a season to imbibe and enjoy as a new cycle of vernal ¬† sounds, fragrances and colors cover the landscape. And if ye Editor is not mistaken, there is an invigoration in step and mood throughout the countryside. In short, Spring is prime picture taking time. And this year there are more opportunities to share those pictures by way of photo contests – even PixofCanada has gotten into the act.


Canadian Photo Contests


Here are some  photocontests that may be of interest including two sponsored by PixofCanada. As well Lenzr.com has a number of ongoing photo contests that have prizes associated with them. The categories are off beat and often quite specific. But the prizes are nifty and the photo contests are easy to enter, photo copyrights are protected by the Creative Commons License, and you can enter multiple times if you want. Finally we have found some additional contests occurring this Spring which may catch your fancy.

Colborne ON Apple Blossom Tyme Fest – May 27-29th
Prizes: Nikon Compact Camera, Photoshop Book


sponsor –Canada’s History Magazine- July 25, 2011 closing date

Prize: 8 day adventure in Labrador and Greenland



As a photo buff, Ye PixofCanada editor certainly enjoys the prospect of getting some Spring time pictures for photo contests. In summer and Fall there will be more photo contest so readers will be kept posted. In the meantime try some of these contests or let us know of your own favorites in the comments below.

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  1. Good reporting Jacques. Voting starts n May 15th 2011 for the four Lenzr photo contests – the prizes are advanced digital cameras, and $500 worth of free groceries from Click Clip Deals.

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