Occupy London Protest Gets Tumbled

London Ontario with its prestigious businesses, fine park system and the University of Western Onatrio campus is known as a country club town. Predominately middle class and comfortable, London Ontario at first thought is not the place that would see Police vs Protestor confrontation. But apparently London administration has decided the opposite as seen in this breaking report from the London Free Press:

This is the second physical eviction attempt in Canada of an Occupy site but the first with comprehensive confiscation of protestors’ property. The London Free Press reports that London Mayor Joe Fontana had full support of city council:

“It was a resounding vote of council last night,” Fontana said, referring to a closed meeting Monday. “We decided we needed to issue the order.”

As a former UWO student, ye Editor has been surprised at the strength of the North American wide Occupy protests despite some of the disconcerting triggering issues. But to see such a confrontational approach from London city administration is a second and even greater surprise.

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