Artists Scene in Canada: Lucilla Bonfanti, Mixed Media Artist

Describing Lucilla as a mixed media artist is being only true to current artistic syntax and form; not her art. Lucilla manipulates old family photos in ways that are like dreamscape novels as they are sewn into your consciousness. As a photographer who uses Photoshop and other plugins to add impact to some images, ye Editor is absolutely enamored of the creative lucidity shown in Lucilla’s works:

Attachment by Lucilla Bonfanti

Many of her works are black and white or sepia toned giving the images the look and luster of ages. But it is the bold black sewing stitches which are riveting – as if they were trying to attach and link fast the people and the emotions to the scene – preserve forever that which to the casual observer would perhaps be prosaic.

Hesitation by Lucilla Bonfanti

In this image Lucilla has stripped away the covering image to reveal the reality behind the scene. Carefully accomplished, the foreground children and the background bubble wrap hover in space defining possible sentiments   and feelings; but what can a child tell us of so long ago?

Detachment by Lucilla Bonfanti

The threads in this photo sculpture seek to anchor forever an image that in memory fades or wavers or even clashes with migrating perceptions and resolutions. This is a powerful piece that grabs and ties down your attention.

Reaction by Lucilla Bonfanti

Talk about fault lines – this image is so striking.   Much   is revealed in   the black and gray under surface   and the overall picture has haunts of more than meets the eye. There is a hint of humor, almost self deprecating … and one would   hardly avoid meeting this gal on a nocturne escapade.

Now this is just a Whitman sampler of Lucilla’s works. There are full blown photographic sculptures   as well as contemporary designs and whimsical craftings. See more about Lucilla at the Womens Art Association or on Facebook.

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