Royal Winter Fair Cautions

The Royal Winter Fair opens this day in Toronto with Dog Show, all sorts of Horse Shows and competitions, plus extras like magic displays and culinary exhibits. It is an Ontario Tradition plus the natural end to the farm season – and brings participants from across the province as well as from the City of Toronto.

But as always there are some cautions about visiting the Fair. First and foremost the price is up, Ticket Master is charging $22.75 for one adult one day ticket. There are Senior, Family and other special ticket plans – so check beforehand to make sure that you get the best possible price.

Second, make sure that you follow the Royal’s suggestion and use the TTC or GO Transit to get to the Fair. They are much cheaper and often much closer to the Fair’s Entrance than the sprawling parking at Exhibition place.

Food and beverage, just like at THEx, tend to be expensive. Unfortunately when you go to the Royal website there is no advice on what attendees are allowed to bring with them. Even using the Search function does not reveal any policy. So check with Royal beforehand to determine what is not taboo regarding food and beverages – not just alcoholic but also various pops.

Ditto for picture taking. There are all sorts of restrictions on when, where and how you can take pictures at the Royal. Again, searching the Royal’s website for clarification reveals no guidance whatsoever. And this can have dire repercussions. Your Pix of Canada editor has seen first hand where a pro photographer was detained, his pictures confiscated and destroyed by the Royal’s security [with back up from Toronto’s constabulary] for taking pictures at the Petting Zoo even with assent of the parents. Another amateur photographer complained that some of the shows also had photography prohibitions but the ruling against picture taking were not posted.

There are also restrictions on where you can and cannot go on the Fair grounds. They are not always posted or clearly in sight. So check before you go down the wrong path… the security staff is sometimes lenient and sometimes downright brusque.

So the the Royal Winter Fair can be a lot of fun as long as you play by The Royal’s Rules. So before you go check with the Royal and avoid any uncivil hassles.

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