Open Doors Toronto : Sacred Places

For the past decade or so, Toronto has had the Open Doors Spring happening. This is where major buildings in the Toronto Area are opened to the public on a late May weekend. This year the themes is Sacred Places – as the Churches, Synagogues and other houses of worship through the city open up for for tours and a chance to see some of the activities supported by the community places of worship.
St Paul’s on Bloor Street

One of the clear impressions attending the places of worship how vibrant they are in the local daily activities in their neighborhoods. This was exemplified not just by the many members ready to take you on tour, but also by such activities as choirs, shelters, kids programs – just a multitude of activities.
Flute music at St. Peters on Carleton

The other interesting aspect of Open Doors this year was the number of people with cameras taking pictures. Not just the popular places like TDCentre or Hart House – but also in the Houses of worship. And there were many stunning scenes to see.
Metropolitan United at Queen and Church

A beautiful day helped to make the trek through TO’s Secular and Sacred Places – a well worthwhile trek

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