Luminato: Canoes with BowSprites

Luminato this year had quite a diversity of family entertainments – especially at the water side. For example, Canoes with Bowsprites was the Luminato feature for the Natrel Pond right next to the Harborfront Centre at Lakes edge.
Artist Tatjana Hutinec
had created Bowspirits straight out of the World’s Sea God Mythology with Neptune/Poseidon (blue), Hindu Snakegod (green), and a lazing over Chinese Dragon (red).

However, the Sea Gods turned out to be very independent cats. For example, when the canoe staff tried to help by herding them over to the deck for a group portrait, they constantly drifted off almost perversely. Let us just say the Sea Gods assemble and mix reluctantly.
Canoeing on the Pond turned out to be a very popular entertainment among families with kids. And of course the boats with SeaGods were quite popular. However, there seemed to be a tendency for these boats to come closest to colliding. Now I am not sure whether it was seamanship or perhaps the head strong will of the Sea Gods. Take the image below as a hint:
But congratulations are due to Tatjana for her innovative Bowspirites and the sponsor Natrel for making the Canoe Pond a wonderful place to visit. Just look below at the super Sea God canoe you could have taken out.

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