Toronto FC – Inaugural Game

Soccer (= Football to the rest of the World) is upon us. One can see it in the the fun of the kids game right next door. Its a cool day but the girls, after appropriate drills, are not swirling like bees around the ball, but are passing and running with aplomb.

Kids drilling on the turf..

Leads to a breakaway at game time …

And Toronto has a new football club again(Toronto FC = Toronto Football Club) with a spanking new BMO Field, built with the help of taxpayers, to play in. And so inspired by the early morning girls game, I decide to check out my investment and see if the pros play with the same dash and relish as the kids. So I am off to the Ex and the promise of two hours of pre-inaugural game fun.

I arrived just in time for the dog and pony show (literally) plus the band played on just outside the gates. With cornfection like that I decided to really investigate if had gotten my money’s worth with the new stadium…. Thirty dollars later and lighter I peered in and here is what I saw:

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