Baseball’s Agony

Baseball is a sport of rhythms and routine; something that once you play it , it definitely stays in your veins. And if you watch Baseball enough, the rightstuff also seeps in to your bloodstream and consciousness. Out in Calgary Alberta, one of my favorite pastimes was to sneak out to Foothill’s Park right next to the University of Calgary campus to see the Cannons spray their pitches and hits all over the park – literally.

Remember, Baseball has its rituals and rhythms, so I could take the nights assignment in Database Modeling or English Literature and get through most of the reading assignments by the seventh inning stretch yet always have the crack of the bat to alert me to cannonading action in the field.

Now living in Southern Ontario, I went up to Yahoo to check out the Blue Jays and this is what I saw:

Literally a Paparazzi Circus – something that might be seen at the food store check out counter, National Enquirer section. Barry Bonds and drug scandals and tainted home run records and the San Francisco Giants and Baseball showing they could be a disgrace to the game. And the Commissioner of Baseball, Bud Selig, once again MIA-Missing in Action.

The Commissioner is missing a simple solution – Barry Bonds cannot play baseball until the various charges of tax evasion, drug taking and what not have been cleared. But Bud should also be acting as an advocate for Barry. He should say to the district attorneys that are carrying the cases forward that Barry will be allowed to play baseball if they have not filed charges by a given date say the All Star Break.

But really, Baseball and its commissioner are doing themselves a pile of rot with their condoning of the Bonds Circus. If you agree pass along a few well chosen word to MLB (The Commish is hiding from any email contact). Or do like me – abstain from supporting MLB until they get their act together.