Fall in the Warkworth Countryside

Last year by the start of the second week of Fall one could clearly see that this was going to be a dramatic and colorful show. First, the maples and sumac were putting on the ritz with a color sheen and shine everywhere. Going for a morning jog along the side roads had new pleasing vistas and a crispness in the air. Meeting with friends, one heard “did you see the wood glade by Glover’s farm – such a burst of bright color this Fall. Much better than last year…”

A full gamut of hues early in the season.

But what added to the rich hue weaving across the Warkworth countryside was a denser floral,vine, and small bush display of riotous colors. See, for example the bold colors among the bush edges of the Codrington Cemetery in slideshow below.
[iframe src=’http://northumberland.picsofcanada.com/nhfall/nhfall2.html’ width=800 height=600] In sum, by the second week of Fall we knew we were going to have a treat this autumn and it would be anything but austere. See the full screen version of the above Fall slideshow here.

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