Fall Colors on Display

Here is a look at two new ways to display pictures. Recent Fall pictures from Northumberland Hills are the subject. The first photo slider uses a new, free responsive slider with an amazing array of image transitions. The slider also has a well described layout template that allows flexibility in the look and captioning of the images.
[iframe src=”http://pixofcanada.com/splash/refines/refinedslide2r.html” width=”800″ height=”550″] The second uses a combination of a pile of Polaroids based on the jQPolaroid slider and the FancyBox slider to see an enlarged photo by clicking on an image. The idea is to approximate classic picture pile. By clicking and dragging on the edge of a picture you bring it to the front of the pile and squared away for viewing. Then if you double-click on the same image it is displayed in full enlargement.

[iframe src=”http://pixofcanada.com/splash/jQPolaroid/polaroid2.html” width=”800″ height=”550″] Users can click and drag around the photos to see the underlying photos. Double click on a photo to see it enlarged in the FancyBox slider.

If you have very poor response time viewing these sliders please let me know in the comments. So far the response time has been crisp whenever viewed.

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