Maple Syrup Festival Photo Contest Results

As was the case last year, choosing the final photo contest winners was no easy task. There was some agreement among the 8 judges as to the top 4; but then ranking among the top four was no mean task nor was the choice of which to eliminate. Finally, we decided to expand our list of winners from 3 to 4 as follows:

Top Prize Winner Jennifer Koziel Murchison

3 Boys sitting by the stream
Judges commentary – Jennifer’s image was not only popular but also echoes a theme of the festival – a weekend for good family fun. From a photography point of view, Jennifer’s shot shows good exposure and composition. As well, like last year’s winner, Jennifer took advantage of a handy digital camera feature – the ability to take a burst of exposures as one  can see here.”

Second Prize Event Winner Carol Ann Albertson

The Sleigh Horse teams were a very popular subject
Judges commentary – “Carol has an eye for horses and the judges  liked this shot with a dramatic pose of the horse team strikingly lighted.” 

Third prize People co-winner, Zen Charbursky

Lipsmacking sweets to be found in the Sugar Bush
Judges commentary “Zen who also took another top 12 picture, the girl with the rabbit, has the ability to draw out the best possible portrait of his subjects – not a small photo-taking skill.” See here. “

Third prize co-winner, Erin Torrance

George Potter – Fiddler
Judges commentary – “Another popular photo, this image caught the music-making concentration of Maple Syrup Festival provider extraordinaire, George Potter.

Again our thanks to all the photographers who entered the Maple Syrup Festival photo contest and showed through their images what a good time can be had by the whole family at the Maple Syrup Festival.

Prizes can be picked up starting this Wednesday at the Warkworth Library.

2 thoughts on “Maple Syrup Festival Photo Contest Results”

  1. Dear Picsofcanada,
    Thanks for your thoughts, The expense, inside dollars, to produce x litres of maple syrup for the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival is C(x) = 75(sqrtx – 10), where x is greater than or equal to 400 a) What is the average expense of producing 625L?
    Keep up the posts!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun but where is the photos of the entertainers in the SugarBush and the many goodies on sale in town?

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