Cobourg Sandcastles

[singlepic id="95" w="600" h="" mode="" float="left" ]Shed a tear – Cobourg’s Victoria park Beach  used to be the site for the Canadian National Beach Volleyball Championships – these were great August summer sports fun. I was wondering what Cobourg would find for a replacement – and to my surprise it is the Sandcastle Festival. At first I was a bit miffed – SandCastles to replace Beach Volleyball?But on closer inspection I found building of sandcastles has not a few Don Quixotean charms.
[singlepic id="100" w="500" h="" mode="" float="" ]The artists at work provided lots to chat about – they really had each a unique set of tools and styles. The artist above was using fruits and veggies just like on a snowman for distinctive finishing touches. Others used sprays and spritzers to add a mottles look to their sculptures. And of course the different rakes, grates, brushes to shape and finish sand castles were really very diverse. I had expected to see – a pro set of tools – but even the master artists had their own special sand instruments. The results were quite delightful:

And of course with the 2009 Summer in Ontario being so wet – the beach goers were enjoying the Sun as much as the show and  spectacle  of sand sculptures being created right before their eyes. This next weekend Cobourg features the beach liveguard Ontario Championship Competitions. More fun – hopefully in the Sun.