Caribana Parade 2009

Caribana is a celebration of West Indies cultures in Toronto.It is compromised of nearly a month of events in and around Toronto including festivals, balls, a parade and a Toronto Island feast/fest. Many of the events feature  band music, lavishly decorated floats plus  costumed festival goers. Nowhere are these elements mixed together with so much boldness and  fun as in the Caribana Parade. 2009, despite the economic downturn, was no exception with more than half a  million people showing up along the 2 1/2 mile parade along Lakeshore Boulevard.The Parade Wanders Down LakeShore BoulevardNow you know with West Indians putting on a show there will be a lot of bands, music and dancing. What Torontonians get with added muster are wonderfully crafted floats that dazzle the eye with fabulous colours and styling. Most of the floats have island themes and stories. But most fun of all they have a set of infectiously joyful float leaders pulling and twirling the floats along the parade route. Here is a sampler.

Color and DetailsWhat can get missed in all the dancing and showmanship is the cleverness of the costumes and float craft. The designs have motifs and colours that are a cross between Indian, African and Native American cultures that are mixed throughout the Caribbean wth of course a dash of European spice. But look for great gobs of gaudy with surprisingly sumptuous styles and finishing. Let the following images tell their 2009 story.[nggallery id="5"]People in the ParadeWhat makes a parade is the people and the show they put on. One has to have just a bit of storytelling in your blood to go on show and tell ongoing viewers a bit about what excites and pleases you – in a way as simple as smile. Thats what is to found in abundance here. This is Caribana – such a show for every Summer in Toronto.

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