Toronto Christmas Colors

Toronto, like a number of cities throughout the World, has the Cavalcade of Lights in Nathan Phillips Square on the 4 week approaching march to Christmas  and the Winter Solstice. Cavalcade of Lights features dance, arts, musicians and a lightshow. Below is a hint of the lightshow

Images courtesy of Eileen Courtright of
This year the lights being used are largely LCD based which require 1/10th the power and cost of regular Christmas lights. The resulting savings  may explain why the Square seems to be even more lavishly decorated this year. For example, the trees along Queen Street appear to have more colorful and elaborate light trimmings. Ditto for the columns around the Square. Of course this may be just the imaginings of a light show lover. In any case, with help from a friend, here is a small showing of what is to be found around Toronto City Hall in late Fall.