Sue Wilkins Exhibition

Sue Wilkins is exhibiting at the Campbellford Library until April 23, 2015. As regular library goer it is always a rewarding pleasure to scan through Sue’s paintings each stop at the library.

Farm Fields and Forms

Sue Wilkins Artist style reminds one of the British Landscape painters of the early 19th century.
Some of her paintings have the textural range and intensity of John Constable –
swconstable2-tileClick on the screenshot to see the complete John Constable collection

At the same time Sue often has the color intensity and sweeping forms of Joseph Turner:
swturnertileAgain click on above screenshot to see a Constable-Turner exhibit at the National Gallery.

Now of course Sue has her own style and interests with a predilection for even more dramatic hues and some sketches with a sense of mystery or majesty as seen here:

Come by the Campbellford Library and see some of Sue’s stylish landscapes yourself.