Ice Blizzard III

With the sun out from behind the shroud of clouds, the ice encrusted countryside in the Northumberland Hills absolutely sparkled. The greatest shine came as you turned your camera close to the sun- in Icarus-like fashion lured by glitter one could easily shock your retina. But the views everywhere were glass crystal enchantments.
Lured by the Sun I test my eye strength

The Ice Coatings are surprisingly thick – a quater of an inch and more.
The almost supernatural blue lights up the ice coatings in crystal luster. It is like a crystal luxury that exacts a toll in downed power and cold buring winds as the temperature plummets.

Here is the Northumberland countryside from Warkworth to Cobourg

What is remarkable in the stark cold of Christmas Eve is how the sun plays a color and light wonder spectacle all along the Northumberland Hills right down to and into the Lake.

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