Surfs Up in Cobourg

Despite, or maybe because of, the crisp, chilly and downright cool Spring day the surf was up in Cobourg. And when the surf is up – surfers are in town like snap quick. Or at least landlocked Ontario surfers. A Freedom 55-er from Oshawa wasn’t waiting for his buddy. And despite the mix of rain, snow and chilly gusts he inisted he would be warm out there surfing on Cobourg’s Vicrtoria Beach.

Now let me set the stage for my skepticism – here is what is attracting the surfers- and the breeze is stiff and cool:
Canada in Pictures
I could not keep my cap on and  had to constantly clean my lens of snow and freezing rain. Baby it was cold out there.

But our intrepid surfer, double wet-suited,  was not intimidated at all and took the plunge:
Canada in Pictures … pictures from Canada
But a strange thing happened not a few minutes after diving in. The winds started to die down, the sun became brighter and the  maelstrom out on the lake seemed to lose ferocity because the surf visibly diminished. Nonetheless a few good runs were achieved.
come here for Canada
But ever the optimist, our Ontario surfer was convinced “by the time my buddy arrives the surf will be back up to prime”.

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