TO Santa Parade 2008

An Important Note

Just below we have asked for comments either here or on the Fotki website on the Santa Parade pictures . So far we have had an overwhelming number of comments – zero. Yep, Nada among over 500 visitors. So a comment is your ticket to getting pictures – No comment, no pictures. A comment will result in an email making the gallery  available to you for getting your FREE fullsized pictures.

C’est dommage – enforced civility.

The Santa Parade this year was lots of fun with a touch of snow at the beginning adding to the festivities. The first set of picture are available here(comments are appreciated). But please be patient there are hundreds more and they will be posted in the next few days.

The bands were there!
UofT Engineering Band

The Banana Gals and Guys were gathered together.

Dog-gone It – I can’t tell what these guys and gals are up to:

The Carrot carrying Beauties were Pretty as can be:

The Purple Court of Santa Princesses were all lined up:

Kids of all ages are ready and waiting:

So its time for a parade – marching through:

With lots of swirling color:

And Santa, a bit nippy-cold, too:

Note that all of the Santa Parade Pictures, literally hundreds, will be available here:
Santa Parade Pictures.

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