Grocers in TO

There are street grocers in Toronto everywhere. We have already featured the Roncesvalles shops of Late Winter. But I was walking in the East end along Danforth and then along Queen and here are some of the beauties I found along the way. They are beauties because they a)taste wonderful and b)come at a price that beats just about every supermarket. No small matter in these price-rising daze.

Zucchini Squash to do battle with large Beefstake tomatoes – and your salad and palate will be the clear winners! Juicy and tasty to say the least.

Lemons always add zip to a cool refreshing cup of ice water – and try this, add a slice of arange juice to the mix and – it is a  fragrant delight.

Finally the apples were practically slicing themselves before my eyes at a Queen Street Fruit store, now just add cinnamon and a touch of sugar and cream delight.

The Fruits Today

he says try another size
she says these look good
turning one than another
in her hands oblivious of a watching eye
– it is  Spring time in the market
of small and and large delights.

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