Tennessee Colors in Eastern Ontario

I have a Flickr friend in the South, Rosanne Awbrey. She lives in Nashville TE USA and she has been getting some smashing colors this Fall – but being spare about putting them up on her gallery site. Sort of teasing us lesser leaf luminaries. So I have had to lament the colors in the Cobourg to Cornwall Eastern Ontario corridor. Some early, some late, some washed out, some just failing to rate. Until this last weekend. Then the snowstorms hit on Friday with on and off and on rain on Saturday and Sunday.

Bad news ? Nope.

Suddenly lackadaisical trees turn crimson and colourful – and the skies were magnificent. Here is a sampler.

Ahh the Maples were just holding back to be in tune with Oaks that decided to go raucous red and scarlet this year. Such a symphony of colors! More to come.

(c)JBSurveyer 2006

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